graphic design / social design / installation / / sci-fi / romance / cultural collisions / world events / living rooms, etc. / support systems / talent recognition / branding.


Strand's attention to aesthetics and space was born in the midwest, where she developed a deep sensitivity and appreciation for inter-personal relationships fostered by her in interest in creating and hosting gatherings and events. Seeking a coastal existence, she found Oakland, graduated from CCA in social design and graphics, and has consistently moved between divergent worlds: pop-up street corner restaurants, developing the conceptual art and lifestyle brand, Rio Babe International, a show at Yerba Buena's Bay Area Now 6 exhibition, the building of performance venue Starline Social Club, interior and graphic design for Duende restaurant and bodega, designing one-off fashions, curating people and their talents, and creating visual art.

Currently, Strand resides in upstate New York where she tends to friend's impressive bar and restaurant projects in Oakland, CA and designs bits of things for folks worldwide. Also see: TEDMAN&STRAND - a new project with Kate Tedman concerning silk, embroidery, technicolor, etc.